Suspect Device 2 on Kickstarter
Suspect Device #1 was released in August 2011, a 35 page book in black and white with one very good idea; making new comics by taking old panels out of context and drawing a new improvised context around them, a new comic from the old. The 2nd issue adds a couple new wrinkles to the game and brings in over 60 artists, including, Noah Van Sciver, Sam Henderson, Chuck Forsman, Johnny Ryan, Kevin Scalzo, KC Green, Brian Ralph, Lizz Hickey, Anne Emond, Brendan Lynch, Box Brown, Heather Benjamin, Noah Lyon of Retard Riot, Pat Ausilio, Keenan Keller, Domitille Collardey and Janelle Hessig.

When this fine volume emerges it will surely show up in the Wow Cool shop. We still have a few copies of Suspect Device #1 available.