Support This – SP7 Alt. Comics Tribute to GARO

Retrofit Comics is getting together with Secret Prison to produce the biggest book either of them will have released to date. It’s an alternative/art-comics tribute to the spearhead of the Gekiga movement, the anthology Garo. They are turning to you, dear comic reader, to support the project through Kickstarter. It is indeed worthy of your support and features a stellar cast of talent, including: Mickey Z, Pat Aulisio, Katie Skelly, Angie Wang and Charles Forsman. Help make this happen.

The concept behind SP7 is to contextualize the post-manga wave
in western art-comix within the broader history of manga itself by paying tribute to the ground-breaking publication GARO. In short, we feel as though the GARO phenomenon of personal, idiosyncratic, and experimental manga is re-manifesting itself within contemporary art-comix due to the residual influence of the 2000’s manga boom in America. What EC was to the Undergrounds of the late-60’s/early 70’s, Manga is to today’s most interesting underground cartoonists. By featuring the works of these western artists together in a traditional right-to-left/newsprint/pulp-manga format we hope to engender discussion about the trans-national influence of manga on the broader world of art-comix.