Twenty seven years ago I shared a studio at the School of Visual Arts dorms with Tom Hart — a visionary young artist who showed much potential for becoming a great cartoonist. He did become a great cartoonist. What no one knew then was that Tom would also go on to become a great educator. One with a vision as well. His vision led to the creation of Gainesville, Florida’s SAW — The Sequential Artists Workshop. Wow Cool is an active sponsor of SAW’s programs, but they could use your help as well. Please consider making a contribution after reading Tom’s story below.  

Studies say that the most expensive schools aren’t Ivy League schools, they’re art schools.    Is something wrong with this picture?Here’s what I see: most graduates of art schools wind up with merely moderate skills to navigate their future but with massive debt.

Young artists who go to these schools start out life standing in a huge financial hole.

If you look at the major art schools- great places where I have taught and have friends who teach- artists come out with six figure debts. The education may be great, but in today’s world- is it worth the cost?

I started the SAW  because I believe our artists deserve a high quality education without that Ivy League price tag.

Do you feel the same way I do?If so, there are just 3 days left to give your tax deductible donation this year!
Please give to the Sequential Artists Workshop today.

Sequential Artists Workshop is not just about teaching people to make comics.

It’s about making a better world, for all of us.

SAW costs 1/10th the price of major art schools because it’s run by artists and supported by caring people like you.

Colleges and universities should not be in the business of churning students through the system and leaving them with crushing debt.

When you give to SAW , you’re putting your values into action, one student at a time.

     Here’s a student that you have helped this last year. 

Meet Michael.He got accepted to a major art school, and once he got a look at the price tag -as much per year as Harvard, called us up. He visited SAW, saw what we do and registered. Now he says, “I’ve made more progress to that end in one semester at SAW than I have alone in the last 5 years.”

Can we count on you to keep ensuring a bright future for our artists?

Please, give generously today. Even a penny will help.

You have the power to ensure a brighter future for artists like Michael.

Thank you!

Tom Hart

P.S. There are only 3 days left in 2014 to get your tax-deductible donation to Sequential Artists Workshop and make a difference in the lives of young artists like Michael. Please, click here and give generously today.