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Original Art Created for S. Clay Wilson Trust – The Checkered Demon Juke Pox: An Audiophile’s Eardeath.

UPDATE June 11: Second chance! This fine artwork has been relisted (reserve wasn’t met) – anti-music jukepox with artistic contributions by Chuck Sperry, Pete von Petrin / Marc Arsenault (as fognozzle), Raub Roy (as Hora Flora), Terror Apart, Amphibious Gestures, Paul Mavrides, HEARTWORM, Andrew Goldfarb, and more!

All proceeds go to the S. Clay Wilson Trust.

Ah yes, another grave marker to the passing of fine art traditions, this colorful assemblage was created by a murder of Bay Area artists and musicians to honor the bravest and depravest of them all – S. Clay Wilson. Proceeds from this sale go to benefit the injured artist as he slowly recovers from a traumatic brain injury. (

This group effort was initiated at the 2009 S. Clay Wilson benefit at the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco and over time was passed through the hands of the following artists – names well known among the cognoscenti.

Paul Mavrides, Robert Collison, Chuck Sperry, Mats?! Gustafson, Bonnie Banks, Andrew Goldfarb, Lourdes Corugedo, Loachfillet, Fognozzle, Liz Allbee, David Slusser, Hora Flora, Amphibious Gestures Heartworm, Arachnid Arcade, Tony Dryer, Terror Apart, Skullcaster, Bullsh*t Detector, Bran…Pos, and me… Marc Arsenault.

This collage (coolage!) sculpture in mixed media is sort of like a juke box, only different. It’s Pox instead of Box and it doesn’t actually play music. An excellent example of avant-garde arte symbolique, it celebrates the wreackage of personal music technology; and is comprised of the eviscerated husk of a Disc-Man, a gutted radio amp and an assortment of artistically acquired flotsam and jetsam. Accessories includes unplayable discs and damaged tape cassettes, individually adorned for your private eardeath pillory pleasure. Stack them, scatter them, ruin your stereo system trying to play the CDs, or channel art to find the Godhead.

Buy this this ultra-modernist sculpture to exhibit in your home. Display it on your coffee table for kinesthetic interaction among your guests. Suspend it above a seating area like the sword of Damocles. (via the heavy duty screw holes – screws not included) Submerge it in your aquarium to stimulate your fish. Suitable for home or office enhancement.

By purchasing this original art, you not only invest in undervalued art by certifiable artists, but you also donate to a medical trust fund for one of the twentieth century’s greatest artists, S. Clay Wilson, who suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2008. The Checkered Demon and Ruby the Dyke want you to buy this.