Tom Hart has put all the call. SAW, The Sequential Artists Workshop, needs your support in 2014. All is explained in the video above. Get over to indiegogo and help them out. The rewards are truly excellent.


SAW: Affordable education; Bringing artists and students together

The Sequential Artists Workshop (SAW) is a comics learning outpost in sunny Gainesville Florida. AT SAW, we bring artists and students to work and learn together. SAW is unconventional, non-institutional, rebellious, lively and serious all at once. We offer personalized instruction, mentorship and a full-fledged, intensive and professional single-year program at a 3rd to a 10th the price of a single year at larger institutions. We created SAW for anyone who has the passion and dedication to learn the art.

Funding goals and funding gifts for your tax-deductible donations.

We’ve had a great year at SAW.

Our students in 2012-2013 made hundreds of pages of story and artwork, co-curated more than a dozen art shows, collaborated with dramatists and comedians to create original theater, printed and bound thousands of copies of books, attended festivals; worked for clients; and learned in close proximity from our staff of working artists.

We hosted a half dozen visiting artists and scholars. We gave our four grants to deserving cartoonists. And we’re asking for your help to have an even better year next year.

To continue SAW on its mission of supporting artists, putting artists and students together we’re asking for your help.

In 2014, we’re hoping to

  • Bring more artists to Florida to work and teach
  • Assist more students through affordable programs and/or scholarships
  • Expand/extend our grant program
  • Expand our library
  • Upgrade our equipment (computer, Risograph, etc.)
  • Expand our studio space to accommodate 4 or more drawing spaces

We have a variety of funding gifts including posters by Julie Doucet, Vanessa Davis and Derek Ballard


And gift packages, including Risographed minis by Dylan Horrocks, Sarah Glidden, Jessica Abel, Matt Madden, Ron Rege, Josh Bayer and Pat Aulsio, Box Brown, Trevor Alixopolous, Rich Tomasso and more.

Meanwhile original art and more are being added every day.

Whether it’s an end-of-the-year donation our your first of 2014, your donations to SAW are tax-deductible!

Our fundraising mini-comics:

GROUP A for AWESOME includes mini-comics by

Josh Bayer + Pat Aulisio – The Greater Good
Sarah Glidden – The Warm Welcoming Sky
Nick Bertozzi – UV Catastrophe
Tom Galambos – Retired Superhores
Dylan Horrocks – Opposite Equinoxes
Rich Tommaso – Ka-Blam!
Jessica Abel – La Limpiadora
Fran Lopez

GROUP B for BAD ASS includes mini-comics by

Box Brown – Sock
Jess Rullifson – SAWtoonists
Trevor Alixopulos – Boetimus & Paulus
Tom Galambos – Of Mice and Monsters
Steve Weissman – TBD!
Erin Curry – Found Abstract Comics
Kurt Wolfgang – Telephone
Matt Madden – Friends and Family

Spread the Word

If you can’t donate, please click us! Click the twtiter, the faceborg, the whatever link, just let people know, we’d really appreciate it. The artists and students of SAW thank you!



Alabster’s design for our thank you card. Risographed in 2 colors, every donor will receive a handwritten thank you on reverse.

Derek Ballard poster



Beehive T-Shirt Designed with Found Image Designed by Erin Curry

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