Sunday Night Links X2

After a stellar track record of getting the link-down posted every week, we missed last Sunday. Now we is back with an epic collection of linkages to fab and funky art, music and thee videos.


A long time friend to Wow Cool and Sparkplug Books – Gabrielle Gamboa has recently posted “For My Father” on Popula. “In 1964 her father went off to Vietnam. 50 years later the poisons of the war returned.” It’s a must-read comic. Go do that.

Gris is a Video Game from Nomada Studio that you should keep an eye open for.  It’s coming to various platforms later this year.

Michael DeForge Update: Michael has uploaded a full Magic: The Gathering token set to the interwebs via his Twitter account. He provided a link to a dodgy looking sharing site, so we took the liberty of sticking it on our server. We have no idea what a MTG Token Set is and we are not too sure he does either. Anyway… Download if you dare!


There is no denying that the top music news right now is the release of The Kinks “Time Song” from 1968 on The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society 2018 Deluxe reissue with some 60 tracks. It’s out in the UK apparently. The vinyl edition is currently the top selling title there. This side of the pond you can watch a craptastic video for the song on YouTube or stream it on Apple Music. other sources may be available. The deluxe edition of The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society will be released in the US later this year.

Wow Cool Music is in the process of being resuscitated back to life. Right now we are having a soft relaunch on Bandcamp. Follow us if you can.

Richard Devine really is everywhere.

Been listening to this – The Clash – Live Kingston, Jamaica 27-11-82 soundboard recording


This 1969 iHop Ad Featured Modular Synths But Its Still Horrible – from

Our featured image is by Dan Clowes. The whole story of his Bizarro drawing is unclear. We lifted it from The Bristol Board. Based on our extremely limited research, which primarily consisted of consulting a decades-old, but authoritative survey by the great comics scholar Fred Hembeck we have determined that Mr. Clowes portrayed Bizarro No. 1 in the style of Wayne Boring here.