Sunday Go To Meeting Links

Sunday Go To Meeting Links


Matt Seneca dives into Barry Windsor-Smith’s Weapon X—the ultra violent re-imagining of Marvel’s Logan/Wolverine’s ‘origin’ story—at the Comics Journal. 

The Black Panther Party wasn’t just happening in Oakland some 50 yers ago. Not even just in the US. The Black Panthers were also a force for change in Brixton, England. The remarkable photographer, publisher and broadcaster Neil Kenlock was their photographer. The Guardian has ‘They wanted to jail us all’ – Black Panthers photographer Neil Kenlock looks back | Bruno Bayley talked to Neil five years ago at Vice.


New Aphex Twin EP Collapse due September 14: info: CDM Create Digital MusicPitchfork


The She Makes Comics documentary is now on Netflix.

Apparently there are still Fall documentaries I have not yet seen.
Here’s The Northern White Crap that talks back ‘unreleased’ Fall documentary. Or some such.

featured image by Banksy [on Basquiat]