It has been an interesting weekend full of literary, cartoon and musical mysteries. Your recommended soundtrack is this collection of instrumental tracks from the Lick My Decals Off recording sessions by Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band.

Brooklyn Magazine presents this look “Inside 11 of Brooklyn’s Top Recording Studios“. I want to record at every single one of these.

Via the CBLDF is this mysterious re-discovered and apparently recently published comic book: “After decades of storage in a cardboard box, E.’s three wartime detective graphic novels about Dompie Stompie, a stick figure detective made out of what appears to be metal wire, finally was published last year. It forms the basis for an exhibition that opened last month at the Jewish Historical Museum here.” — How a comic book kept this Dutch Jewish couple close but out of Nazis’ reach

Daniel J. Berrigan, pacifist priest who led antiwar protests, dies at 94. I’m not sure what to say about Father Berrigan. He was certainly an inspiration.

We also lost the massively influential photographer Charles Gatewood this week. I was lucky to spend some time talking to Charles at an early APE (Alternative Press Expo) many years ago when he and Vale Vale of Re/Search tabled next to Wow Cool. I’ve seen him a couple times since at shows with Vale.
KQED Obit: Charles Gatewood, Groundbreaking Photographer, Dead at 73
Boing Boing: Charles Gatewood, photographer of fringe culture, RIP
Recent profile in Vice: Charles Gatewood’s Legendary Images of America’s Seedy Underbelly

In some unexpected news, a Black Mountain School is to soon be born in the spirit of the legendary Black Mountain College. I hope that they are as awesome as can be with that weighty adopted pedigree to uphold.

The Comics Beat presents “A tribute to Shelly Bond: the most mod editor of them all“. Shelly had a very impressive career at DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint. The cover gallery presented in the piece is alone a solid testament to that. I have to wonder if her departure marks an end to a very long era of a certain editorial direction at the line (see my quote in the piece).

Diary of a somebody: could I solve the mystery of 148 lost notebooks?is a fascinating discovery of a modern private literary achievement brought out before the public. I hate to say, you might skip to the end like I did. Still fascinating.

Last, and most distracting: The NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer is exploring the deepest reaches of the Marianas Trench from April 20 – July 10 and presenting three live video feeds of the journey. There are moments where you see several previously unknown species in the space of a few minutes.