Suburban Dance Radio 8 – Vern Is Gone

Episode 8 of the Suburban Dance Radio show on 92.5 KOWS FM. My show airs every other Tuesday at 8pm Pacific time in Santa Rosa, California in Sonoma County and also streams online. I am archiving shows on Mixcloud about a week later. I’m a little behind right now…

This episode we remember Vern Rumsey of Unwound. Gone too soon. Unwound is played a lot in the set, and there is a Blonde Redhead track Vern played bass on. The rest of the show is songs that I think he would have appreciated for various reasons. Sorry I don’t have anything clever to say about the suburbs this episode.

Music played (official sites, download links, videos and more in links):

Tristram Cary – Quatermass and the Pit Opening Credits

Unwound – Side Effects of Being Tired
Blonde Redhead – Symphony of Treble

Unwound – Broken E Strings

The Pop Group – We Are Time (Ricochet)
Mark Stewart – Pay it All Back

Duma – Omni

The Fall Full Set | From The Basement
Is This New
Wolf Kidult Man
Fifty Year Old Man
Latchkey Kid

Classics of Love – Future Shock
This is Jesse Michaels’ (Operation Ivy, Big Rig, Common Rider…) latest band

Wanda Jackson – Let’s Have A Party

Grace Jones – Nightclubbing
Eric Drew Feldman – Bad Mirror Ball
From Beets: A Collection of Jazz Songs
Unwound – MK Ultra


Your host is Marc Arsenault AKA gritboy. Member of the groups Brown Cuts Neighbors (with Lady Starlight and Jason “Wolfman” Martin) and San Francisco-based sound system nickname: Rebel. Former editor of the Vaughn Bodé library for Fantagraphics Books. Draws the comic “The Stupid Pages.” Proprietor of the art | music | video studio Wow Cool since 1988.

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