Steven Cerio’s Magnificent Pigtail Shadow Film Tour Starts Tonight

Over the last three years Steven Cerio has been working on his first film, an intense and personal psychedelic document called The Magnificent Pigtail Shadow. Tonight will see the debut of the final cut of the movie at 119 Gallery in Lowell, Massachusetts. Watching the film is an immersive and moving experience unlike any other. Steven has combined the syntax of the early film experiments of Georges Melies with his own unique iconography and created something quite new. Kristin Hersh (of the Throwing Muses) serves as your guide and narrator through the intense 45 minute journey.

On Saturday, October 6, Steven will also be doing two events in Providence, Rhode Island: a signing at Ada Books and a screening at AS220’s 95 Empire. Steven is taking the tour to the west coast in November, be sure to join us. More dates will be coming soon.

Steven has been involved with Wow Cool from it’s earliest days, from 1989’s Astronaut Hair/Left Hand of The Nursery Man book and cassette, through his first solo comic, Pie in 1996, to the present. We are honored to be working with him to bring the film and music of The Magnificent Pigtail Shadow to the world. Details on the release of the soundtrack to the film, which was also realized by Steven, will be available soon. It features Marc Arsenault and Jason Martin of Brown Cuts Neighbors, Dave Rick (Yo La Tengo, King Missile), Michael Duane (Dust Devils) and many more. Excerpts from Kristin Hersh’s narration of the film are also included in the mix.

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