Steven Cerio’s Atlantic Drone 2nd LP Re-released Today

Available digitally for the first time ever and re-released with wide distribution today on 180g vinyl is Steven Cerio’s Atlantic Drone LP “A Vivified Sugar Cube Explains the Universe” on Circadia Records.

Founded in upstate New York by Steven Cerio, ATLANTIC DRONE have achieved a synthesis of historical proportions with a cast that includes: Cerio (Railroad Jerk, Drunk Tank, Dee Dee Ramone’s Sproket as well as improvisations with Ron Asheton of The Stooges, William Parker and Jemeel Moondoc), Dave Rick (Yo La Tengo, Bongwater, King Missile, Phantom Tollbooth), Wm Berger (Love, Uncle Wiggily, Fly Ashtray), Michael Duane (Dustdevils), Laure Barges (Dragibus), Sal Canzonieri (Electric Frankenstein, The Thing), Jason Martin (Brown Cuts Neighbors, Bunny Brains, His Name is Alive) and Jim Gibson (Wicked King Wicker, Toothfairy, Unholy Swill).

Their music holds all of the sensations associated with true psychedelia: the meditative hypnotics of prog forefathers Can, the reckless propulsion of free jazz, the kinetic energy of early King Crimson, the soaring intensity of Soft Machine, the swirling throbs of early Butthole Surfers, the natural beauty of Brian Eno’s ambience and the schizophrenic scuttle of Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band. Far from creating a nostalgic tribute to a previous age, ATLANTIC DRONE contributes to a re-definition of the sonic trip a sound that is as uniquely their own as it is exhilarating and “Zenful”; serving up an atom to the melting molecular soup of Post Psychedelic Hypno Mantras that point more to the future than the past.

You can get it on iTunes (see below), from Circadia direct in various deluxe formats, at most of your favorite physical and digital purveyors of sonic goodness and, right here from Wow Cool.