Steven Cerio 1990s Schenectady Session Released

Officially out today is this freshly-remastered five song set by Steven Cerio with Marc Arsenault and Jason Martin of Brown Cuts Neighbors in the late 1990s. Recorded and mixed by Jason Martin at Und Grumm in Schenectady New York. Lyrics and cover art by Steven Cerio. Originally included as part of Krebstar’s Master of the Pandowdie compilation. Digitized in high definition from the original cassette. “Glass Dad” was the word “DAD”, made out of clear glass or plastic, found abandoned in Marc’s Dad’s attic the same day as the session. It was very shiny. This session was a precursor to the Horseback Solids session a few months later as well as subsequent collaborations between BCN and Cerio.


Jason Martin —Bass, Guitar, Electronics, Vocals
Steven Cerio — Percussion, Lyrics, cover art
Marc Arsenault — Guitar, Furniture

Steven Cerio on Wow Cool

Brown Cuts Neighbors on Wow Cool