Matter Summer Special by Philip Barrett is a casual trip through a few different dimensions. Two goofball stoners, Whitey White and Sean Brown, find themselves running dry in the herb department. After speculating on government conspiracy theories involving marijuana, are pulled into one when they sign up to smoke some experimental weed. 
This particular strain, developed by a government worker who mysteriously disappeared, opens a rift in space-time into an empty dimension. Whitey is the first to dive into the rift chasing a babe, only to get lost. It’s up to Sean to find him and bring him back. 
Full of laughs and alternating timelines, this comic is a good romp through some classic stoner humor. It also lacks traditional paneling and flows effortlessly from page to page for a slow, chill drift. Take some time to check it out; maybe you shouldn’t be sober??
80 interior pgs, 4 ” x 6 “, black & white with color cover, Sparkplug Books)
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