Nate Doyle has a style and a life that makes for great comics — the stories in Crooked Teeth are fast, engrossing, and heartfelt, and his art manages to come across brilliantly whether it leans more towards classic cartoon or dashed-off sketch. The issues we have in stock contain pieces from his ongoing fantasy story, “Bowl of Flies,” miscellaneous sketches, and autobio comics.

“Bowl of Flies” is a hauntingly atmospheric story about a traveler, mysteriously marked, who encounters a terrifying spirit in the woods and is then shunned by the townsfolk he encounters . . . until he meets a woman in a pub who implores him to share his story. Its amazing character design and high fantasy feel will have you eager to read the next installment!

His autobio comics are joys to read, in a completely different way: spanning both sides of the country and exploring different punk subcultures, old friendship, crushes and love, the touring life and live shows, and fighting through uncertainty and depression, they contain episodes that almost anyone will relate to. Nate’s stories make you feel like you’re not alone in your experiences, and for that alone, they are worth reading.

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