I noticed that In Situ No. 4 was released recently, and wanted to recommend this series! After reading In Situ No. 2, I felt refreshed and more confident – Sophie keeps her journal comics relevant not only to herself, but also to all people – the feeling transience, or being caught up on something you saw in passing. The loosely drawn pages show great ease on Sophie’s part, but she also scribbles out mistakes that add some nice texture to the pages. A travel log through Canada and California, In Situ No. 2 also is a log of trailing thoughts – some political, all honest. I’m excited to read further issues!
Aside from the content, this book is beautifully designed! When I grabbed it off the shelf I exclaimed “wow”!! It’s just not often that you see a simple black and white with color cover zine so carefully laid out.

(28 interior pages, 5.5″ x 8.5″, black & white with colored paper half-cover, Colosse) 
In Situ No. 2 is available for purchase here

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