Featuring both beautifully stylized comic pages, as well as painted splash pages, ZIRP #3 is a delight to behold. The story opens with half-baked author Raoul as he lives his loser life, trying to read his own book. After becoming disgusted with it, he searches the internet for the book, and finds the ego boost he desires: babe librarian Elisabeth recommending his work on the library website. 
Meanwhile, Elisabeth is living with her dependent sick dog/partner and working. While Rizzo, the dog sits around and watches television all day, she seeks something better. The story follows these three characters as they are forced out of daily habits, whether it’s a yearning for new love, a new lay, or the return to comfort. Everyone seeks what they need, but to what end? I’m excited to see where the story goes.
The transitions and style of this comic is what truly holds me as a reader. Simple shapes and environments fill the page but never seem sparse. Especially wonderful are the natural backgrounds – as depicted on the cover. The mountainous shapes and rippling water are expertly communicated with no extra fuss.
Look forward to a ZIRP 4 highlight soon!!
($7.00, 28 interior pages, 6.75″ x 8″, B&W interior, color cover, self-published)
Zirp #3 can be purchased here!