James Kirkpatrick’s complicated but confident drawings fill each page of these two comics. His humor is superb and on-point, just as his artistic voice allows your mind to wander. Features of the characters are individual but also ambiguous. Each page holds a new joke. Both of the stories lend themselves to Kirkpatrick’s hypnotic style and one-liner humor. 
Thyme Balm, the “worst”nose band, holds several members of questionable value. But in the end, the show ends up pretty good! You feel the complicated feelings of attending a show that you’re determined to dislike.. but end up feeling the jams. Hey, you’re a complicated being! It’s ok!
Karate Gods follows the battle between many mortal foes and you. Will you be victorious against such brutal fighters with names like Sporty Spice or Frozen Lord? Much like a fighting game crew, these toughies seem like stoic jerks. I hope you win.

Both of these comics are available here!