Sky in Stereo follows protagonist Iris, a sweet girl living her life in Manchester during the 90s. While it seems to be built around the general theme of everyday life, these books are so well executed and relatable, I can’t help but believe they must be partially autobiographical. Running alongside the coming-of-age feel is the topic of casual drug use. Cover your eyes, kiddos!!
Iris’ life is rather unremarkable, but completely realistic and unapologetically honest. She works fast food, hates her step dad, likes jerk boys. You don’t need to know a lot of the relationships between Iris and her peers, as you understand all the complicated feelings through Mardou’s excellent character writing. The cuteness emanating off of Iris as she tries to figure stuff out is heartwarming, as well as all the intensely raw emotions expressed from panel to panel. The freedom and self-imprisonment of youth runs rampant though the pages as Iris reflects on each moment. 
Both Sky In Stereo #1 and #2 are available here!