Moon Between the Mountains by Yumi Sakugawa follows the story of a cat girl as she grows up in a human world. Her sad story begins as she is left at the door of an old couple’s home, dropped off by mysterious figures. She leaves home after the couple raises her, and goes out into the world, mute of human language and misunderstood. 
This simple tale is a new take on the “raised by wolves” type of story – instead it’s a cat girl raised by humans. She’s smart, sensitive and pensive – always fiddling with string and creating a life for herself. However, she is restless, as she knows she is from another place. 
Your heart will churn after reading this book. It’s simple tale leaves a place of yearning and mystery. What is the cat girl feeling? What is it actually making *you* feel? This book is a perfect example of how comics and art don’t need a solid theme or answer. It’s there for you to echo your feelings against.
(24 interior pgs, 5.5? x 8.55?, black and white)
Moon Between the Mountains is available for purchase here!