The Dumb series is Georgia Webber’s multi-disciplinary
exploration of what it means to live without a voice after sustaining a vocal
chord injury that required her to speak less than thirty minutes a day for months. Each
issue addresses an aspect of the difficulties involved in living without a
voice, from the vocal chord pain itself, to communication methods, to dealing
with the Canadian welfare system.

The comic is printed in black, white, and red. It’s used for
speech bubbles and ambient noise; red also indicates the speaking version of
herself with which Georgia struggles in Dumb #2. In Dumb #5, the red version of
Georgia is the one doing the talking and interacting that she’d normally be
doing, if not for her injury.
(Dumb #1: 16 interior pages; 6.75″x9″; black, white, and red cover and interior; self-published, 2014)
Dumb #1-5 are available for purchase here.
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