Sparkplug Comic Books will be at APE this weekend. Saturday and Sunday October 16th & 17th. There will be a group of us:  Julia Wertz, David King, Virginia Paine, Tim Goodyear, Rina Ayuyang, Tim Root, Sophie Yanow, Renee French and Chris Cilla will be in attendance at the table or around it. We will be at table 118 next to Tom Neely’s I Will Destroy You at 119 and Pigeon Press at 120.

  • Renee French will be premiering her new book H-Day at the Picture Box booth at APE table 226. Renee will also have an artists spotlight interview at 6pm on Saturday.
  • I’ll be on a panel at 1pm on Saturday with Susie Cagle, Thien Pham and Gene Yang talking about Bay Area comics over the years:
  • Sparkplug will have a ton of new distro comix at the Sparkplug booth including Crime World 2 by David King, Anais in Paris by Mardou, You Don’t Get There From Here #16 by Carrie McNinch, Act Five by Steve Ditko, Benol the Huckster by Max Mose, El Vocho by Steve Lafler and Gazeta edited by Lisa Mangum & Maria Sputnik

In addition to APE, I’d like to bring a new project to your attention. Sparkplug will be co-publishing a book called Gay Genius, edited/published by Annie Murphy who is currently doing a Kickstarter to get the funds together. Please take a look and consider this extremely worthwhile project and pass the word on:
I’m really looking forward to it this book.

Next month Chris Cilla will be having an official premiere release party for his book the Heavy Hand in conjunction with the Facemelterz show curated by Tim Goodyear of Teenage Dinosaur. It will be on First Thursday 6PM, November 4th at Floating World Comics in Portland, OR: this will be a must attend event if you are in town.