Sparkplug Books Publishing Fundraiser

Our fine friends at Sparkplug Books are getting set to publish three new titles – the first big batch since founder Dylan Williams’ passing last year – and they need your help to make it happen. There is an excellent array of reward items, including original art and t-shirts. Get yourself over to Indiegogo and help them out.

Sparkplug Comics is ready to take on new publishing projects and we’d like to ask your help!

This campaign is a fundraiser for three of Sparkplug Books’ upcoming publishing projects.  Our soonest release, scheduled for April of 2012, is the graphic novel Nurse Nurse, by Katie Skelly.  This book compiles the previously self-published first seven issues of Katie’s ongoing sci-fi saga of nurses traversing the planets of our solar system.  The new book includes an eighth chapter to conclude the story.  The book has a two-color cover and black and white interior.

Our next two projects come from artists with whom Sparkplug has worked on multiple books in our past.  Reich, a series by Elijah Brubaker, is the ongoing biography of eminent sexologist Wilhelm Reich; this will be issue 9.  Olga Volozova, who has released Rock That Never Sleeps (a collaboration with Juliacks) and The Airy Tales through Sparkplug, brings us The Golem of Gabirol.  Each of these will have full color covers and black and white interior pages.

These books are of special import not only because they are amazing in themselves, but because they are the last projects on which Sparkplug founder Dylan Williams was working before he died of cancer in September 2011.  We are honored to see these through to completion and work with such great talent.

Sparkplug has had a long working relationship with Portland company Brown Printing and we intend to use them again to get these books printed out.  Currently the layouts are complete for each project and finishing touches are being made before they are sent to Brown.  The money from this fundraiser will go towards printing costs of each book, as well as shipping costs for the books and other gifts we are offering as perks.

Please join us in making these books a reality!  Donate to the Sparkplug fundraiser today!


  • $5 New mini comic Brad Trip, published in collaboration with other Portland small press companies,  plus postcards & sticker
  • $15 All of above, plus Nurse Nurse book
  • $25 All of above, plus Reich #9 (printing in June 2012)
  • $35 All of above, plus Golem of Gabirol (printing in August 2012)
  • $55 All of above, plus one grab bag Sparkplug title
  • $65 All of above, plus tee shirt (choose from Renee French, Dylan Williams or Austin English designs while styles and sizes last)
  • $100 All of above, plus three Sparkplug grab bag items & poster
  • $200 All of above, plus original signed artwork by Sparkplug artists Chris Cilla, Aron Nels Steinke, Trevor Alixopoulos, Jeff Levine, and others.
  • $300 All of above, plus invite to movie night party at Sparkplug Headquarters.  Pick out a movie, get tour of our facilities and drink beer / eat snacks with us.