2010 really is the year sound art broke. I predict that Susan Philipsz will be the ‘next Susan Boyle’; and her sales of Scottish folksong CDs will make that £25,000 Turner prize money look like small change. Currently her recordings are only available to listen to in the environments they were created for. There are no commercially available disks.

Video: ‘You are not alone’ by Susan Philipsz, commissioned by Modern Art Oxford for the Radcliffe Observatory, Green Templeton College, Oxford, 2009. The piece is based on radio interval signals that have been played on a vibraphone.

Interview at the Guardian: Susan Philipsz: Sonic boom
Susan Philipsz has won the Turner prize – using just her own voice. So was her night marred by the student protests? How did she get into sound art? And what’s this about a run-in with Stephen Fry?