I’ve been deeply mired in what is some fairly obscure bits of research lately. Things like, ‘what did World War One nurses wear?’ and ‘why the hell is HD video not performing on my damn computer?’. I’ve also been digging into some of the more elusive parts of the Brown Cuts Neighbors mythos. I somehow failed to get any of the pieces I was digging for last night, but have dug up a crucial one today.

The late, great Reginald Gardiner had a nightclub act where he did sound effect renditions of wallpaper designs and trains, or so the story goes. That piece was recorded at some point and ended up on the soundtrack for “At Home Abroad“, which could be borrowed from the Schenectady Public Library, and, thus, lives on today. Now, I dug this thing up many years after Brown Cuts Neighbors had released a cassette named after this in 1994. I have no idea what the actual story is as to why that title was chosen.

You can download the original act yourself from iTunes: Trains by Reginald Gardiner