Something Good To Read On A Sunday for July 22nd — Hungry Ghosts


Starting off this week we have a couple items from new blog on the block Popula. “Popula is a journalist-owned, journalist-run, ad-free publication with nobody to answer to, except you.” They seem to have some serious ambitions. They do have some seriously good content, so we are glad they are here.

First up, Popula has what may be Anthony Bourdain’s last Interview. Well worth a read. Anthony Bourdain recently authored a quartet of comics for Berger Books/Dark Horse under the title of Hungry Ghosts. The last issue was released mere days before Bourdain took his own life. We stood around the shop looking at the curious writing on the back cover of that issue after we got the news. You’ll just have to experience it for yourself.

Of particular interest to our readers is the Popula Sunday Funnies edited by old friends Vanessa Davis and Trevor Alixopulos. The lineup of cartoonists will also be most familiar to long-time readers of Alternative Comics. Tom Hart, Steven Weissman and Jon Lewis are right there, along with Megan Kelso and relative newcomer Karen Sneider. Update: The Sunday Funnies for July 22nd was released on Sunday afternoon and you may read it now.

The Comics Journal has “A Process Not a Product”: An Interview with Ronald Wimberly on the eve of the release of his new project LAAB. LAAB is described as “an art mag on black representation in sci-fi & culture” We should have a big stack in the shop any day now.

Lion Forge Comics Launching Educational Series to Teach Coding | Hollywood Reporter
We are huge fans of Katie Longua, and are excited to see her work on this cool project.

Ben Passmore has been busy on The Nib lately. The latest is “Run So I Can Shoot You


Gareth Sager of the Pop Group and Rip, Rig & Panic has a new record on the way. You can pre-order Gareth Sager & The Hungry Ghosts: Juicy Rivers on PledgeMusic.

Exploring a journey from Bengali heritage to electronic invention

Legendary Bay Area radio station KUSF — which was slammed to the mat some seven years ago — has been resurrected as KXSF-LP 102.5 FM “SF’s community-oriented low-power FM”. The Bay City Beacon has the full story. It seems we missed the announcement on this one. Maybe it’s news to you too.


With the announcement that Drawn and Quarterly will be releasing collections of Yoshiharu Tsuge‘s defining gekiga work in english for the first time starting in 2019; and, our invocation of Japan’s hungry ghosts above, it seems appropriate that this week’s video feature should be Akira Kurosawa’s 1970 film Dodes’ka-den. Released two years after Tsuge’s landmark Screw Story, Dodes’ka-den is gekiga sprayed on the screen in blaring color. Enjoy.

Meanwhile in San Diego…

Check out our coverage of the Actual Comic News from Comic-Con International 2018 and our thorough write-up on the Eisner Awards.