Something Good to Read on a Sunday for August 5th

Something Good to Read on a Sunday for August 5th

The summer is just zooming by. How is it August already? The 2019 calendars are in the stores. Next year’s IKEA catalog is in the mailbox. People are firming up Halloween plans. It’s a Sunday. Take a breather with some hot link blogging (see what I did there?).


Jesse Balmer post-it note drawings

There is to be a Blacksad Video Game next year. Yes, you read that right. Rock, Paper, Shotgun has more information than you could ever want on that news. Blacksad writer Juan Diaz-Canales has otherwise been busy with two additions to the travels of Corto Maltese; and, his horror story Fraternity will soon be brought to the states by Lion Forge as part of their excellent Magnetic Collection.


There is a new Neneh Cherry single and video—“Kong” produced with Four Tet and 3D from Massive Attack. Download or stream from all the usual places. Pitchfork review.

Mute Records has announced reissues of three long-out-of-print Throbbing Gristle recordings: Journey Through a Body, Mission of Dead Souls, and Heathen Earth.


Meet Ladislas Starevich (Wladyslaw Starewicz) The director who created stop-motion animation using dead bugs as actors. Read this Slate article.

The Story of Film: An Odyssey director Mark Cousins has made a film about the little-seen artwork—drawings and paintings—by Orson Welles. The Eyes of Orson Welles. The Guardian has more info for you.

Beware of Mister Baker. Seriously. This was a weird one and I’m not easily disturbed by musician excess. As of this writing Ginger Baker is, against all odds, still alive. You can also watch Beware of Mr. Baker on Netflix.

This week’s featured image is by Gary Panter from his Instagram @gary.panter