Something Good To Read On A Sunday


The Politics and Weirdness of Shade the Changing Girl
Cecil Castellucci tells us about what informs the strangeness of Young Animal’s Shade the Changing Girl.


The great The Pop Group has re-released their debut LP Y digitally and you can get it on Bandcamp. New to me is this interview from a few months ago with Pop Group main man Mark Stewart: “Taste is a Form of Censorship”.

Bandcamp Daily had a useful guide to Nine Essential Netlabels From Mexico’s Electronic Underground

More than a little bit rock ’n’ roll: Donny Osmond talks metal masterpiece ‘Crazy Horses’

If I’m reading this right, Ableton Live resource Sonic Bloom is five years old and they want to give you free stuff. It looks like pretty good free stuff.

CDM again: S-Modular is the latest modular synth for iOS, but the first semi-modular

At the risk of turning this section into mostly CDM content: A giant 1906 machine, and the Eurorack synth module it inspired


I did a video. Once. A long time ago.

The damn fires:

I can’t even begin to properly address anything about the recent and much more intense wave of fires in California. Many people we know and work with were directly affected by this. Currently the Bear Fire is still raging just 9 miles south of us. We have gotten choked by the smoke here in Santa Clara valley but I cannot even imagine what it is like up in Sonoma…

There are two reports I want to highlight:

Brian Fies is a cartoonist who documented his situation, which was particularly extreme, while still in the process of adjusting to it. Here’s his full story.

Electronic Music and Field Recording pioneer and archivist Bernie Krause’s Equipment, Decades of Musical Memorabilia Lost in Fires.

KQED report

Bernie Krause on Wikipedia

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