Something Good To Read on A Sunday


Wim Wenders’ polaroids taken during the 1970s and 80s will be on exhibit at London’s Photographers Gallery 20 OCT 2017 – 11 FEB 2018.Instant Stories. Wim Wenders’ Polaroids” received notices from the New Yorker and the Guardian.

Michel Fiffe to revive Rob Liefeld’s Bloodstrike”. The Beat has the scoop.


Beck released his 13th album on Friday the 13th. It’s called Colors. It’s pretty good.

I’ve been exploring Jason Grier’s new album and sound library HEM | Human Ear Music. There’s a lot going on there. Ableton has the full scoop.


It’s the official trailer for the Channel 4 television show based on Charles Forsman‘s The End of the F***ing World. The show debuts on October 24th.

“James is a loner who doesn’t engage with other people. His world is one of violent inner fantasies. No one talks to him at school, and he’s happy with that. But everything changes in an instant when new girl Alyssa accosts him in the canteen… Alyssa is teenage angst made flesh. She feels estranged from her mum, hates her stepdad, and rejects pretty much everyone she meets. That is until she sees James sitting alone one day… Alyssa sees a kindred spirit in James – just as he identifies her as a potential victim. And so their journey begins.”