Something Good To Read on a Sunday


San Diego Comic-Con is giving away a special 60 page PDF edition of the Jack Kirby section of their 2017 Souvenir book.

Ghost World and Eightball creator Daniel Clowes has a new website.

Fantagraphics Books is publishing a collection of Benjamin Marra‘s Night Business at the end of the year.

The Spanish publisher of the book, Autsaider Cómics is developing a video game to promote the book.

The great American illustrator Marshall Arisman is interviewed at Vice by Nicholas Gazin. Arisman’s classes at NYC’s School of Visual Arts have been a huge influence on many artists, including myself.


The Shaggs played a reunion show. All you need to know about them previously is also in the New Yorker with an illustration by the great Jaime Hernandez.

Neurosis has released a remastered version of their amazing Word As Law album. Sadly it does not contain the bonus tracks from the CD edition.

Listen to Neil Young’s Lost 1976 Album Hitchhiker.

What does Discogs cracking down on bootlegs mean to you?


Someone made a film about Jawbreaker. It’s called Don’t Break Down.

I have no freaking idea if this works all the way through, but here is a YouTube playlist in 187 parts that might just be all of the crazy Thundarr The Barbarian cartoons from the 1980s by Steve Gerber, Jack Kirby and company.


Hiveswap is a new point and click episodic adventure game that is a spinoff from the wildly successful webcomic experience Homestuck by Andrew Hussie. Act 1 has been announced for launch September 14th, 2017. More news at Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Discussing Neopaganism With Your Cat

Abandoned States: Places In Idyllic 1960s Postcards Have Transformed Into Scenes Of Abandonment.