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Dear Friends of Sparkplug:
2012 was a huge year for us.  As many of you know, we moved our central location of
business, which has led to a more recent development.  As of the beginning of February, I have transferred
ownership of Sparkplug Books to Virginia Paine, formerly my employee and
business partner.  Tom Neely and I
plan to continue helping in many of the same ways as we have been, but Virginia
will be in charge.  This was a
decision I made many months ago and that we’ve finally made for real.  I knew that this was the right thing to
do, as I have other goals I want to reach.  Virginia has been a dedicated partner in Sparkplug for three
years and a close friend to the comics and zine community.  Business will continue much as it has
been, and we’re looking forward to our new projects and seeing what else the
future holds.
Emily Nilsson
Hello friends,
Emily handed ownership of Sparkplug to me at the beginning
of February, a few days before I turned 32.  I think there is kind of a neat symmetry to that: a new year
for me, and a new adventure for Sparkplug.  We’ve gone through a lot of changes in the past year and a
half and had a lot of obstacles to overcome.  I’m proud of the work Emily, Tom and I have done, and I am
proud to be taking the reins of Sparkplug with two wonderful people to advise
and help me.  I am looking forward
to smoother sailing and am excited about finishing up many of Dylan’s projects,
including Elijah Brubaker’s Reich series and (finally!) Orchid 2.
Virginia Paine
Feel free to contact Virginia, Tom or Emily if you have any questions.  We’ll see you at Stumptown on April 27th & 28th!!