Sofortbild: Control your Camera with your Mac

I don’t write much about my photographer’s life here, apart from the occasional mention of the latest big martial arts or fashion thing… Anyway, today I found myself in a serious crunch. My DSLR is having some sort of major hemorrhage or something. Compact Flash Card Reader lupus or sarcoidosis. Total meltdown. I could only spend so much time trying to fix the direct problem and just needed to be able to shoot and get the images on the computer – screw the CF card. Some quick Googling led me to the wonderful and FREE Sofortbild (Would probably be something like ‘Instaphoto’ in English). Sofortbild gives you all the control and more you would love to have with tethering your camera to your computer. Bracketing. Timer. Interval Shooting (time lapse, if you like) Major control from the App. Works with the Mac remote. Connects via USB or WiFi. Can feed right into iPhoto or Aperture. I’m still working out my workflow with it, but the full screen view alone is a wonderful thing. It works with many camera models. If you are a Mac shooter, and the sort of person who checks in regularly at PhotoJojo, then this is definitely something you want to try out.