Silicon Valley Ghost Campus: Moffett Towers

For the latest in Wow Cool’s occasional series of holiday weekend posts on obscure travel destinations, I present the very Ballardian Moffett Towers. Located adjacent to Moffett Field in Sunnyvale, California, Moffet Towers has become the poster child of the Silicon Valley’s “bloodbath” of vacant commercial property. More than 43 million square feet, the equivalent of 15 Empire State Buildings (or twice the size of Monaco) of commercial property in the greater San Jose area remain vacant. On a drive by of Moffat Towers earlier on Sunday there were only two cars visible. Clearly most of the units were unused. An entire building is vacant, much is still under construction, and the parking garage looks like it has never been used. I will have to visit again on a weekday to see if there is much difference.

The site is also home to the Moffett Towers Club, a 48,00 square foot health and wellness club. The sole online review of it starts, “This health club is the most well-kept, well-serviced, immaculate, spacious club I have ever seen!” Well… no wonder.

Some more on Moffatt Towers at: Square Feet Blog | Silicon Valley Business Journal

The work we do here at Wow Cool (Art, Music, and Video… as it says elsewhere on this page) really can take up some space, and we can always use more of it. So, hey, guys… any help with getting some of that is greatly appreciated. You know, I like my garage, but could really use some extra room to groove.

Time-lapse video of the Rambus sign getting installed on Rambus’ new Moffett Towers location in Sunnyvale, CA . Actual time recorded: 16+ hours, condensed into 90 seconds!

Moffett Towers Club

Moffett Towers Parking Garage

Moffett Field Historic Marker

Ames Research Center Entrance

Ames Research Center Wind Tunnel

NASA Visitor Center Entrance

NASA Ames Research Center Home