Mere hours after a jury in Little Rock awarded USD 27 million to a woman who got breast cancer after taking hormone replacement therapy (full story), an article appears on the CNN front pages ‘Latest News’ titled “5 Good Reasons for going on hormones“. The final insult, the story is in a column called “Empowered Patient”. The whole tone of the article is vomit-worthy, right down to the attitude it takes to the history of the therapy and the risks involved and the way it tries to spin it into something acceptable. Like, ‘it’s safe now, trust us’. Riiiggghhttt. The frequently cited source for studies on HRT and cancer is the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, which has just published a new study that basically states that the risk is much greater than previously believed and use for three or more years increases the risk. So, CNN and Elizabeth Cohen, I am calling you out on your bullshit article that tells us that everything magically changed in 2002 and HRT is perfectly safe now, given a loving caring doctor.