See fognozzle Reunited in Oakland Friday

Mid-1990s noise project fognozzle – a collaboration between Pete Von Petrin and Marc Arsenault (me) – is getting back together for a show on Friday night in our old home base of Oakland, California. fognozzle never really got out of the warehouse, but did appear on the Mandibles in Crisis magazine compillation out of Hawaii, along with Xome, 3D House of Beef, Mike Nobody, Cock E.S.P., Jay T. Yamamoto and Men’s Recovery Project. Post fognozzle noise project Krebstar (Marc, relocated briefly to Seattle as a solo act) went on to contribute to the Fruited Other Surfaces CD on Vermiform in 1998, which also included Drop Dead, The Replikants, Rah Bras, Lightning Bolt and Men’s Recovery Project (again). After returning to Oakland, Krebstar turned into a whole different project. Mr. Pete Von Petrin resurrected the fognozzle name a few years ago, but has since dropped it. So, stop on by and see a couple geezers torture some noise out of springs and boxes. It will be heavy.

fognozzle – “Shootyzjive” 1995 by WOWCOOL