Secret Prison 7 Alt Manga Explosion

Secret Prison #7 has just landed in our shop, another in the steady stream of SPX debuts. Wow Cool is a co-publisher of this volume and it was a great feeling to open up a case of these. It’s a hefty 10×13″ 172 page, squarebound beast. A bargain at fifteen bucks.

You may recall that this project generated a minor kerfuffle in the comics community after Dan Nadel let loose with a far ranging rant triggered by his reaction to the Kickstarter page description for the book, (arguably inappropriately) in his forum as co-editor of The Comics Journal. This inspired some 180 comments on the post and much discussion elsewhere, including these pieces by Sean T. Collins and by Barry and Leon of Secret Acres. I’m curious to hear what people have to say about the actual book now that it is published.