Sam Henderson’s Free Ice Cream Available Now

Now in stock at Wow Cool is Sam Henderson’s “Free Ice Cream” comics that debuted a couple weeks ago at BCGF. It’s Sam’s first solo publication since 2008’s Magic Whistle #11 Body Armor for Your Dignity. Subtitled “And other cartoons you could have drawn”, it collects Sam Henderson’s gag cartoons from 2009 and 2010 (148 of them, by our count). Sam has been posting these online and in Smoke Signal for the last couple of years. Also included is a 2-page “Jerrold K. Footlick” adventure. It’s 40 pages and a little bigger than comic-book sized. You can get yours here on Wow Cool at three dollars a pop. If you are feeling adventurous you can grab them up at one of the many wholesale options: It’s a three for the price of two (actually 3-5 copies for two dollars each), 6-19 copies at $1.50 each (50% off!) or, if you want to buy 20 or more copies it’s a full 60% off, or $1.20 per copy. Go jump on that!

Hey comic book shops! You can also get your copies of Free Ice Cream through our distributor Last Gasp, or, if you order through Tony Shenton, please do!