Thank you so much Rory, for all your patience and help over the years. I’ll miss our conversations on the future of comics (OK I missed those already, it’s been awhile), also missed are the ridiculous recall of knowledge you had on any subject for every dumb question I had and the time you took to answer them. I still am no closer to understanding pogs or Babylon 5, but that’s OK. Thanks for the job. Thanks for the rides (to San Diego several times). Thanks for loaning me the van (sorry it got broken into). Thank you for having the faith in me and Josh to help make Wow Cool a (sort of) successful distributor in the 90s. Thanks for being our best landlord… and customer. Thank you for having the vision to hire a knowledgeable staff of specialized buyers for your store and making it one of the best resources of that kind. Thanks, also, for having a nice looking store with a friendly and helpful staff. There aren’t too many places (if any others) I used to work at that I could say that it was nice to return for a visit. I think you’d appreciate that, so I’ll just leave this here.

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Hang in there Todd!