Back in October 1994 I went down to Austin, Texas to do a strange training gig in HTML at a long gone early eCom startup. While there I got to see my old Northampton, Mass neighbors Sebadoh. That night, after their show the lot of us (me, Lou, Bob, Jason, Flood, Jason Austin) went over to the Electric Lounge and got into a massive jam with Azalia Snail and her guitarist Rob. I’d heard that a tape of that was floating around for some reason. anyway… some of that sound has made it’s way to a video of Azalia and friends (also in Austin) on You Tube. Enjoy.

I later wrote a song about that trip which I recorded with Cindy Gretchen O. of Doris zine. That’s called, strangely enough, electric lounge.electric lounge

My first ever blog post done in Austin in ‘94

–Marc Arsenault, Knoxville, TN