RE/SEARCH George Kuchar Interviews Pocketbook

George Kuchar

I somehow missed this during a much more busy than usual year… V. Vale has recently launched a series of 4″x6″ pocket book interview volumes – in the format of the 33 1/3 series – featuring his own interviews with icons of the counterculture and the like. I’m most eager to sit back with the edition featuring the great underground filmmaker George Kuchar – who left us a little over two years ago. “George Kuchar shares his inner-workings. PLUS interview with Kuchar star, Marion Eaton, lists, and conversations.” Contains the most thorough film/videography of his work ever, as well. The book is just 9.99 direct from the publisher, or slightly more from Amazon, if that’s where you prefer to go.

George Kuchar on The Counter Culture Hour from RE/SEARCH PUBLICATIONS on Vimeo.

George Kuchar – a beacon for John Waters, Christopher Coppola and countless students — shares his insights on learning to make films on zero budgets. He talks about early 8mm filmmaking and his inspirations: Hitchcock, Roger Corman, & his aunt who loaned he and his brother the camera. Interviewer: V. Vale.