The above is from Hermann Vaske’s excellent The Fine Art of Separating People From Their Money. I used to make everyone in my art department and all the sales reps who used our materials watch this movie.

The work and life of Dennis Hopper has meant more to me than I can begin to express. I have every single one of the movies he directed on VHS. I attended all but a couple of the screenings of his films at the massive retrospective the Film Forum in New York ran in the 1980s (including one memorable one where Thurston Moore and Lee Renaldo of Sonic Youth were seated right behind me). I could go on and on. Dennis Hopper was the best living example I can think of why it is of value in life to engage with art. I suppose that’s a statement that needs some explaining. I’ll be thinking about it. I’ll be dragging out many more of the lesser known works involving Dennis Hopper over the next few days.

Obituary from the Los Angeles Times

Dennis Hopper: A Life in Pictures at the Guardian