Radiohead release PolyFauna Tablet App


Follow the red dot… enter new worlds.

With surprisingly less fanfare than usual, Radiohead has released something new into the world. PolyFauna is a mobile and tablet app that takes audio elements from the King of Limbs sessions and visuals from Stanley Donwood’s jagged tree-limb visual elements for that record and makes them into an interactive audio exploration game a bit in the mode of the works of RJDJ and experimental exploration PC games like Proteus. It’s free, and unlike several other artist and album apps I could name, it is fairly compact in size. From my time playing with it my only piece of advice is, don’t let it just sit there while you dab at the screen a little, move the whole unit around a bit. OK… you get it.

In a similar realm, I have long been waiting for FRACT to be released in it’s final form, here’s some more development info to keep you wanting over on Create Digital Music.