It might be going too far to say that none of this (Wow Cool, Brown Cuts Neighbors, etc….) wouldn’t be here without Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band… but it wouldn’t be going very far from the truth. I tend to spend much of my casual thinking time thinking in music, and much of it is the music of Don Van Vliet. My octave range may not be as great as Don’s, but I can hum and whistle in some pretty right on it pitch.

I’m obviously avoiding the issue here.

Despite about 17 years since his last public appearance in the Some Yo Yo Stuff film and a quarter century plus since the Magic Band was last active, the death of Don Van Vliet on Friday, December 17, 2010, has had a profound affect on me and many others around the world.

Here is the Guardian’s obituary of Don.

There will be much more posted here in the next few days about the greatness of Captain Beefheart, For now, here are a few videos that you simply have to watch.

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