Punk’s Not Dead

Punk’s Not Dead

It’s just become a blanket in the baby section at Target. Or, for the truly hardcore, TGI Friday’s has the Pink Punk Cosmo on it’s cocktail menu.

little punk

Shaun White T-Shirt

Slightly more mystifying is this t-shirt that is part of Shaun White’s (Olympic gold medalist snowboarder, sponsored by Target since 2002) fashion line. It sparked a small argument when I wondered why a Mat Brinkman T-Shirt was on sale at Target; which was quickly countered by ‘who the hell is that?, it’s Shaun White’. To which I replied ‘who the hell is that’. So there you go. It might be slightly more interesting if Shaun White did art like this than if it was Mat Brinkman, some other Fort Thunder related person, or someone unknown doing that style.

And now the punchline

While trying to find a usable photo of the Pink Punk Cosmo for this post I discovered that TGI Friday’s have been using the song Hayseed Rock by Tight Bro’s From Way Back When off their 2001 Kill Rock Stars LP Runnin’ Thru My Bones as their website theme-song since at least May, 2009. It’s still up there. Apparently the song also featured in a TGIF TV commercial that I’ve been unable to find a copy of on the interwebs. I’ve put the word out on the tweetsphere and friendspace and expect to provide some background on this amazing collision in the future.

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  • snowboardjacke damen Posted February 19, 2010 6:25 pm

    Shaun is just amazing, because he won the sommer and winter x-games. But I think everybody that can skateboard is a good snowboarder

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