Out Now! From Wow Cool is Psycho Nurse! The 2011 Psycho Donuts 13-month Calendar. This thing is a beautiful monster, at 12-inches square in glorious full color on luscious heavy paper stock. Just the thing you need to shake out of the day-to-day and remind you what day it is! The whole Psycho Donuts concept speaks to me about the possibilities that exist… that anyone can choose to explore… instead of settling for ordinary. The calendar really came together as a great representation of that creative spirit and of the energy of all the people involved in making it. For those that don’t know, Psycho Donuts is a little donut shop in Campbell, California that launched in 2009 with a vision of awesome. They have since expanded to a downtown San Jose location. That’s two, in case you were counting. (note to all the haters from the PDX, yes Voodoo Donuts is awesome too, get over yourself already). I’ve danced around and had dangled in front of me the possibility of creating a calendar many times in the past, but this time it has finally happened, and it is a glorious beast.

All the further info you need is right here.