PROFANITY HILL has been renovated with 27 new titles added to the catalog!

New, old and rare material from:

Peter Bagge, Douglas Bagge, Ingaletta Basher, Philip T. Basher, Jim Blanchard, Bruce Carleton, Steve Cerio, Chris Cilla, Max Clotfelter, Crypts, Jeremy Eaton, Dennis P. Eichorn, Austin English, G. Fling, CansaFis Foote, Kelly Froh, Jim Goad, Marianne Goldin, Adam Grano, Stefan Gruber, Kailynn H., Gretta Harely, John Holstrom, J. Bradley Johnson, Josh Journey-Heinz, Chris Kegel, Kinoko, Emily Litjens, Jesse McManus, Donna Mathes, Jason T. Miles, Pat Moriarity, Jason Overby, Karn Piana, Rev. Ivan Stang, A Wood Storm, Ron Rege Jr., Tony Remple, Josh Simmons, R.K. Sloan, Matthew Thurber, Roy Tompkins, John Trubee, Nico Vassilakis, Ken Weiner, Dennis Worden and Gary Wray

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