Young Lust #8


editor: Jay Kinney

The special ‘Sex Wars’ issue. Highlights include: Charles Burns “Love Diary”, Zippy the Pinhead in “Fleshed-Out”, Justin Green’s “Reno Romp, starring the Original Dog-Boy”, and Carol Lay’s “Panty Raid”. This is some dirty, nasty stuff. Cover art by Dan Clowes (front) and Lloyd Dangle (back).

Last Gasp
ISBN: 9780867192537

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Classic Underground bestseller! Sex, satire, weirdness and all-around fun! It doesn’t get any better than… Young Lust!

The incredible team of comix-talent behind the pulse-quickening pages of Young Lust #8 includes creators Jay Kinney, Bill Griffith, Daniel Clowes, Charles Burns, Harry S. Robins, Ned Sonntag, Justin Green, Terry LaBan, Robert Triptow, Angela Bocage, Ace Backwards, Spain, Carol Lay, Jon Bailiff, Nenslo and Lloyd Dangle! It’s the most, folks!

48 page black and white magazine with color covers
Last Gasp, 1993

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