Wimmen’s Comix #3


editor: Sharon Rudahl

Wimmen’s Comix #3! “Fun & Games Issue” features work from legendary ’70s comix creators Lee Marrs, Trina Robbins, Diane Noomin, Sharon Rudahl, and many more!

Last Gasp
ISBN: 9780867190540

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Classic all-women’s Underground Comix anthology! Sex-positivity, feminist ideologies, tales from everyday life, satire, fantasy, humor, more!

“The deal was for everyone to do what turned them on or pissed them off. We wanted to show women as they really are.” –Lee Marrs


  • A Sordid Affair by Dot Bucher
  • Rip Van Rosie by Trina Robbins
  • Super Gilia by Melinda Gebbie
  • Fucked Up by Debbie Holland
  • Turn ‘Em On by Shelby Sampson
  • The Great American Dream Scream Game by Melinda Wentzell
  • The Agony and the Ecstasy of a Shayna Madee by Diane Noomin
  • Ever-ready Sta-hard Inflatable Man by Sharon Rudahl
  • Another Throb by Willie Mendez
  • Galactic Freebooter by Sharon Banks and Moria Wright
  • One Night Stand by Simone Bressler
  • ReActionary Comics by Margery Peters
  • Feedback by Debbie Holland and Melinda Wentzell

Editor: Sharon Rudahl
Cover by Lee Marrs. Back cover by Sharon Rudahl

32 page black and white comic with color covers
Last Gasp, 1975

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Sharon Rudahl, editor