Weirdo # 6


Weirdo, Man.

Last Gasp
ISBN: 9780867191448

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Picking up where Zap stopped, Weirdo, under three different editors, defined a new aesthetic for the ’80s, opening the way for a whole new comics literacy for a new generation of readers. R. Crumb, P. Bagge and Aline Kominsky edited three phases of Weirdo, respectively the “Personal Confessions”, The “Coming of the Bad Boys”, the “Twisted Sisters”. Each phase produced a crop of new cartoonists. Issue 6 features the works of R. Crumb, Terry Boyce, Ace Backwords, Norman Dog, Jeff John, Drew Friedman, Butch Austin, Doris McClarty, and Aline Crumb.

44 page black and white magazine with color covers

Last Gasp, 1993 edition

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