TOOTH: The Graphic Art of Dale Flattum


256 Pages of stuff. 72 minutes of noise. From Dale Flattum of Steel Pole Bathtub and Milk Cult.

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256 page book of black & white graphics, occasional ranting and a 72 minute CD. Dale Flattum spends his time creating posters, art forgeries, and other screen printed propaganda under the alias: TOOTH. Before all of this, he pursued a career in music, touring the world for over 9 years with the noisy San Francisco rock bands Steel Pole Tub, Tumor Circus and Milk Cult.

“When I was 16 years old, I tore a weird looking poster off of a telephone pole near my house. It was crudely assembled, cheaply reproduced, and probably the greatest thing I’d ever seen.

Although the tools I use have changed, I can probably trace all 240 pages of this book back to that one messed up, stapled up flyer. It’s kind of awful, and kind of perfect, but it was definitely the spark.

It’s important that this book come with SOUND, since that’s the reason most of this stuff was made. So inside the book will be a CD that includes nearly every band I’ve ever played with; Steel Pole Bath Tub, Milk Cult, Agent Nova, The Nein, and as an added bonus…the unreleased second Novex record!”


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