Tom Strong #1


by Alan Moore
art: Chirs Sprouse & Al Gordon

While his sky car is attacked by Blimp Bandits and saved by Tom Strong, Timmy Turbo reads about how Tom Strong got started; The origin: Scientist Sinclair Strong and his wife are marooned on Attabar Teru, where they build Pneuman and have a child, Tom, raising him following a scientific protocol; Tom’s parents die when he is 11 and he is raised by the Ozu; He eventually grows up, defeats Paul Saveen, marries Chief Omotu’s daughter Dhalua, gives intelligence to King Solomon, and has a daughter, Tesla.

America's Best Comics

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Written by Alan Moore. Cover and art by Chris Sprouse and Al Gordon.

Intertwining the ‘present-day’ timeline of Timmy Turbo and the origin timeline for Tom Strong, we learn that Tom grew up on an island with mysterious, perhaps magical properties. While Timmy reads each of the three parts of the origin, Tom is also on the fringes of Timmy’s timeline, helping foil a robbery attempt happening right around Timmy.

44 page full color comic.
America’s Best Comics, 1999

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Alan Moore, Chris Sprouse & Al Gordon